Kolombangara Island

Kolombangara is dormant or semi-extinct volcano last active probably about 10,000 years ago. It now forms a classic shattered rim shape as the cone has slowly eroded.

Kolombangara Island has very high biodiversity (meaning the variety of living things – animals, plants and other life) compared to the rest of the New Georgian islands in Solomon Islands, Western Province

Kolombangara people, the Dughore, believe that their ancestors came from the original couple that lived inside the Kolombangara Crater, Kongu Rano, at the centre of the island.

Over time, the people moved out of the crater to live in villages further down the slope, in the valleys of the Vila, Kukundu and Rei rivers.

More recently, the Kolombangara people settled around the coast, leaving behind old village sites, burial sites and other tambu sites in the mountains and the crater.

Imburano invites you to visit Kolombangara Island to experience easy rainforest walks, outstanding birdwatching, river walking and swimming and rugged cloud-forest walks. This will help us conserve the natural environment and support the livelihoods of the local people.

You will be amazed at the stunning scenery, great walking tracks and interesting wildlife that can be found on Kolombangara Island.

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