Getting To Imburano

Getting To Imburano

Like all amazing places getting to Imburano is half of the adventure.  Our company, Kolombangara Forest Product Limited and our guest houses are located in Imburano. The nearest township is Ringgi on Kolombangara Island. There are many options which the KFPL staff will direct you to or can assist you with when you book.  They include:-

About Ringgi

Ringgi is one of two towns that house Kolombangara Forest Product Limited’s workforce of 200 people.  It has 4 basic stores, a police station, clinic, school, kindergarten, the Company head office, workshops, churches and lots of happy friendly people.  The Company provides power from 5:30am until 10pm and phone and internet is available from the nearby tower.  Most days in the afternoon there will be soccer or volleyball happening on the large sports field and lots of people head down to the Villa river for a swim on hot afternoons.

  1. Ringgi is about 2 km from the marine base and 20km from Imburano lodge. There are many ways to reach Imburano Lodge, which the KFPL staff will direct you to or can assist you with when you book.  They include:-

From Honiara or return to Honiara

  • Local ferry to Ringgi – This is for the more adventurous. A one-and a half day trip leaving either Saturday or Sunday from Honiara and stopping at ports throughout Western Province before arriving at Ringgi.  You’ll need to book at the ferry office in Honiara and carry food and water with you plus be ready for a nights sleeping on the boat.  Price is around AUD80/person one way (SBD400)
  • Solair plane – Flights leave everyday from Honiara to Munda or Gizo.  Book through the Solair website or at a local office.  Price is around AUD300/person one way (SBD1,700).

From Gizo, Munda, Noro or other resorts it is a stunning boat ride to the marine base near Ringgi on Kolombangara as follows:-

  • Gizo (1 hour)
  • Munda (1 hour)
  • Noro (30 minutes)
  • Zipolo Habu also called Lola (1 hour) through beautiful Vona Vona lagoon
  • Imagination Island, Fatboys and Sandbis (1 hour)
  • Orovae (1.5 hours)
  • Tituru (1.5 hours)
  • Tetepare (3.5 hours)
  • Uepi and Morovo lagoon (4-5 hours)

Once you reach the marine base a vehicle will meet you and transfer you to Imburano or the guest lodge in Ringgi.