Imbu Rano

SBD $450.00 From / per night


  • Bed 20
  • People 14


Rooms and facilities are simple but comfortable with the accent on ease of access to the forest and a roomy home base to relax after energetic strolls. Accommodation is set out in two private twin/ double rooms and one 10 person dormitory. The communal 18-meter long deck area opens to a large theatre displaying nature’s beauty.

Guests share a separate shower and toilet facility and all water is rain catchment. Towels and linen are supplied with heavy cotton covers for cooler nights.

For a group of 8 or more please email us for group discount rates. 


Accommodation – SBD $450.00 per night per head
Conservation Fee – SBD $100 per head
Vehicle hire – SBD $400 per trip (4 people)
3 Ton Truck – SBD $600 per trip (12 people)
Tour Guide – SBD $200 per day
Porter – SBD $150 per day
Catering – SBD $100 per head per meal
Linen (sheets and towel) – SBD $100 per head (if required)

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Imbu Rano

Imbu Rano Lodge features an 18m long balcony with stunning views of the Vila River Valley and Mt Rano, the second-highest peak of the Kolombangara Crater Rim. At 370m altitude, it is an ideal base to explore the surrounding rainforest and trek both inside the Crater via the Vila River or take the ridgeline walk to Mt Veve, the highest peak of Kolombangara.

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