Bird Watching: Experience world-class bird watching with a number of birds endemic to Kolombangara.

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    People travel from around the world to Kolombangara for it’s unique bird watching opportunities with a number of birds endemic to Kolombangara.  The protected reserve area allows birds and other flora and fauna to flourish were in others areas it is facing pressure of man made impacts.

    There are 41 endemic bird species in Solomon Islands including six species on Kolombangara. These are the Kolombangara scarlet robin, Kolombangara warbler, Kolombangara leaf warbler, Kolombangara mountain white-eye, Kolombangara mountain pygmy parrot, and Kolombangara Island thrush. The white eyes present on Kolombangara are the Zosterops murphyi and are only found  from 700m above sea level and Zosterops rendovae found at all elevations.

    Listed below are the Kolombangara animal species classified by IUCN as being either EN=endangered, NT=near-threatened, VU=vulnerable, DD=data deficient, CR=critically endangered or LR/nt=lower risk (near threatened).

    1. Aplonis brunneicapillus                    White-eyed Starling                                           EN
    1. Charmosyna margarethae               Duchess Lorikeet                                               NT
    1. Charmosyna meeki                          Meek’s Lorikeet                                                   NT
    1. Collocalia orientalis                         Mayr’sSwiftlet                                                      DD
    1. Columba pallidiceps                        Yellow-legged Pigeon                                          EN
    1. Coracina holopolia                          Solomon Cuckoo-Shire                                        NT
    1. Ducula brenchleyi                            Chestnut-Bellied Imperial-Pigeon                     VU
    1. Esacus magnirostris                        Beach Thick-Knee                                                 NT
    1. Gallirallus rovianae                         Roviana Rail                                                           NT
    1. Haliaeetus sanfordi                         Sanford’s Fish-Eagle                                             VU
    1. Monarcha browni                           Kolombangara Monarch                                      NT
    1. Numenius tahitiensis                       Bristle-Thighed Curlew                                       VU
    1. Phylloscopus amoenus                    Kulambangra Warbler                                         VU
    1. Pseudobulweria becki*                    Beck’s Petrel                                                         CR
    1. Puffinus heinrothi*                          Heinroth’s Shearwater                                         VU
    1. Reinwardtoena crassirosttris           Crested Cuckoo-Dove                                         NT

    17  Rhipidura cockerelli                         Cockerell’s Fantail                                                  NT

    At lower elevations more common birds include Ducorp’s Cockatoo (a white cockatoo), Centropus milo (Kolombangara coucal), Duchess Lorikeet (Charmosyna margarethae) and Coracina salomonis (Grease bird) plus the beautiful Toucan.

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